Chiara's Platform

Core Issues

  • better transportation and safer roads
  • decent and affordable housing
  • affordable childcare
  • green neighbourhoods
  • community engagement
  • investment in our youth


Better Transportation and Safer Roads 

It’s time to get everyone in York South-Weston moving.

For too long, York-South Weston has been neglected in the city’s transit and active transportation expansion plans. The lack of TTC transit and cycling infrastructure investment in the ward has led to overcrowded surface bus routes, infrequent and inaccessible service, and even a cyclist’s death in the summer of 2017. This cannot go on any longer; it’s time to get York South-Weston moving.


  • Affordable and accessible affordable transit

  • Advocate for a fare freeze during the 2018-2022 council term
  • Implement Vision Zero, the City's road safety plan
  • Advocate that rates do not rise above the rise of the cost of living
  • Advocate for BikeShare Toronto to expand to York South-Weston, linking transit corridors with other modes of transportation for end-to-end opportunities
  • Push for Weston Road bike lanes to compliment the new express bus routes and Eglinton LRT  

  • Advocate for the implementation of the Jane LRT

  • Ensure that airport workers are aware of preferential UPX rates available to them

  • Fight to Keep Transit Public

  • Ensure all new transit developments meet accessibility standards

Decent and Affordable Housing 

It’s time to ensure adequate and sufficient housing for everyone in York-South Weston.

York South-Weston is a diverse neighbourhood where residents live alongside one another in various forms of housing stock including rental apartments, social housing complexes and privately-owned single detached homes. The diversity and vibrancy of the ward can only continue to be achieved by advocating for more social and subsidized housing, while ensuring that new developments do not adversely affect residents based on their economic status. In other words, I want York South-Weston residents to be priced in, not priced out.


  • Advocate for development that benefits the community through social, healthy and active living spaces

  • Employ community benefits agreements as the standard for new development in York South-Weston
  • Bring TCHC to a state of good repair
  • Invest in more supportive housing and affordable housing units

  • Fight to increase operating budget for shelter support and housing

  • Ensure new housing is built to be accessible for all residents

Green Neighbourhoods and Flood Mitigation 

It’s time the City takes its commitment to combat climate change seriously.

Past voting decisions by the current councillors have helped contribute to the precarity of our physical and built environment, including the sale of 200 Rockcliffe Court, as well as not supporting the flood and stormwater sewer improvements that were at council during this last term.


  • Prioritize that stormwater sewer improvements re-appear before council within the first year of the council term
  • Continue to advocate for the immediate construction of the Jane Street Bridge by leveraging federal funds through the National Disaster Mitigation Program
  • Work closely with environmental groups, residents and city staff to combat climate change and build a vibrant Ward 11 for present and future generations

  • Push for the stormwater management plan to reappear before council
  • Fully fund TransformTO

  • Advocate for the full implementation of the Ravine Strategy as soon as possible

Affordable Childcare 

It’s time our City stops failing our youngest residents.

Like elsewhere in the city, York South-Weston lacks affordable childcare for families that live in the ward. Our community is a childcare desert. It’s time that council accelerates Toronto's Child Care Growth Strategy and stops failing our youngest residents.   


  • Advocate for more available, affordable, accessible, high quality, publicly funded, community-based, non-profit, and culturally appropriate childcare spaces

  • Fully fund the Child Care Growth Strategy

  • Identify potential opportunities to leverage building childcare spaces as part community benefits agreements

Community Engagement

It’s time for a Councillor to work with and for York-South Weston.

In order to ensure that no one is left behind as the ward continues to develop, increasing community engagement must be at the forefront. The social and physical isolation of older residents and a lack of information sharing have been flagged as primary concerns by residents when I’ve knocked on doors.


  • Ensure that voices of all residents, including seniors, are included in community engagement activities by hosting bi-monthly town halls across the ward in accessible locations

  • Continue sharing information at community meetings so that community members are aware of the services and supports available to them

  • Continue knocking on doors in York South-Weston every week, even after Election Day

  • Respond to all resident inquiries within 48 hours of receiving them

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