Chiara Padovani comes from a family of builders and trade unionists. Having immigrated from Italy to York South-Weston, her grandparents taught her the importance of being a hard worker and doer. She knows what it’s like to roll up her sleeves and get dirt under her fingernails. Her parents instilled in her what it is to be independent and resourceful, all while having a commitment to community.

Having grown up in Mount Dennis, Chiara witnessed firsthand the neglect and injustice that exist within its communities. The unfairness that she witnessed in her own community prompted her to study international development and led her to pursue a career in international human rights. After three years of fighting for human rights at the international level in Argentina, Chiara and Bruno decided to move back home to Toronto, to Weston, to continue to fight those same injustices at home. Currently, Chiara works as a social worker at North York Harvest Food Bank.

Chiara currently lives in Weston Village with her partner Bruno, and their cat Mishi.