Thank you

Chiara addressing the room at the campaign launch fundraiser

When I announced my plans to run for city council in York South-Weston, against a 34-year incumbent, many people said it couldn’t be done.

I never believed them. We never believed them.

And look at what we’ve accomplished together. We ran THE BEST campaign in the city, knocking on tens of thousands of doors, having conversations with neighbour after neighbour, and doing it with energy and enthusiasm that focused on a positive vision of what we could create together.

And we came close. Oh, so close.

Challenger campaigns are not "supposed" to come within spitting distance of long-time incumbents, yet we came within 94 votes. 94 votes, out of 21,167 ... or less than half a percent.

I'm so proud of the campaign we ran. We went up against power -- and deeply entrenched power, at that -- and we put them on notice.

The result is obviously disappointing. But it's not over.

For now, I want to express my deep appreciation for everyone who helped build this movement.

Our work to improve our neighbourhoods and build a city we can be proud of does not end here; and I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you.


Volunteer team posing in front of the office with Chiara signsChild excitedly pointing to a large Chiara lawn sign

Chiara walking down the street with a group of canvassersGroup of people, smiling and waving their hands, with Chiara in the centre

Address: 2575 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6M 1T3