York South-Weston Community Newsletter - August

This month began with 185th annviersary of Emancipation Day, the day slavery was abolished in Canada. August has been proclaimed Emancipation Month in the City of Toronto and the Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit has organized a series of events to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Canada.

I would especially like to highlight Joshua Glover: The Opera, composed and conducted by local Mount Dennis resident, Colin Mendez. Based on the life of Joshua Glover, who escaped slavery and found freedom in Etobicoke, the opera will be performed for free in Little Avenue Memorial Park three times this month. The dates are still being confirmed so please stay tuned to Arts in the Parks for more details.

As we remember the abolition of slavery in Canada this month, let us continue to demand action against all forms of racism in our community.

York South-Weston Community Newsletter - July

Summer is here! There's a lot going on in York South-Weston this month, and as you're enjoying the weather remember to stay cool with these tips from the City.

York South-Weston Community Newsletter - June

Welcome to my York South-Weston Community Newsletter! I've always been so proud to call York South-Weston my home and I've created this monthly newsletter to help us stay informed, connected and empowered to take action to continue to improve the community we all call home.  If there's anything you'd like to add or contribute to this newsletter, please let me know!