Join us!

Dear Neighbours,

Like you, York South-Weston is my home. Having grown up in Weston-Mount Dennis, I know and love the pride and resiliency that we all have in our communities. Home to diverse and hard-working neighbourhoods, there are so many reasons why I’m proud to call York South-Weston home.

But for too long, we’ve been forgotten by City Hall.

Overcrowded buses, potholes, flooding, abandoned lots with overgrown weeds - these are just a few examples of the municipal neglect in our community. Growing inequality, unaffordability, declining city services, and a lack of meaningful community engagement from the current leadership at City Hall, threaten to worsen the quality of life for all of us.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Today our community is at a crossroads. The decisions we make at City Hall over the next few years will influence the shape of our community for the next few decades. This is why it’s time for change.

It’s also why I have decided to run to be your City Councillor for York South-Weston.

It’s time we build a city based on the needs of our communities.

It’s time we prioritize community engagement that empowers our neighbourhoods.

It’s time for change in York South-Weston. Together we can build a community that works for all of us. Will you join us?


Chiara Padovani