Improve our Transit

It’s time to get everyone in York South-Weston moving. The lack of transit and cycling infrastructure investment in the ward has led to overcrowded surface bus routes, infrequent and inaccessible service, and even a cyclist’s death in the summer of 2017.

This cannot go on any longer; it’s time to get York South-Weston moving.

Keep transit affordable

  • TTC fare freeze
  • Fare integration with Weston GO and UP Express
  • Expand free public transit to people who need it
  • Fund phase three of the Fair Pass low income transit discount program


Make transit reliable

  • Expand 10 minute or better service network-wide
  • Fully fund the RapidTO plan, and especially the Jane Street priority corridor
  • Advocate for new rapid transit, with the least impact and disruption on our parks
  • Keep Transit Public

Ensure transit is accessible

  • Protect door-to-door Wheeltrans service
  • Improve snow and ice clearing at bus stops


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Will you vote to improve our transit?

Address: 2575 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6M 1T3