Flood Prevention and Climate Action

We are already seeing the effects of climate change first-hand in York South-Weston, where basements regularly flood. City infrastructure has fallen behind, as climate change causes bigger and more frequent storms. We can’t just sit back and clean up after each storm – we also need to proactively address the cause.

Prevent flooding

  • Build adequate storm and sewer infrastructure
  • Upgrade the Jane Street Bridge and complete the Black Creek Sanitary and Trunk System
  • Ensure commercial parking lots are paying their fair share for the runoff that ends up in our basements
  • Incentivize new developments to increase permeable surface area, so water gets absorbed instead of overflowing our sewers
  • Establish rebates for homeowners who make their homes more sustainable (rain gardens, backwater valves, solar panels, retrofits)

Reduce Toronto’s carbon emissions

  • Fully fund all actions in TransformTO Net Zero Strategy
  • Implement new revenue tools to fund climate action
  • Scale up highrise and commercial retrofits, without passing the cost to tenants (MURA and Hi-RIS programs)

Create a circular economy

  • Require shift from single-use foodware items to reusable alternatives
  • Maintain and expand public control and delivery of waste services
  • Focus on waste diversion; no to incineration of garbage
  • Ensure all residents have access to recycling and organics collection


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Will you vote for flood prevention and climate action?

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