Fix Our City

We deserve to live in a city that we are proud of; however many parts of York South-Weston are feeling neglected. Our roads and sidewalks need cleaning & repairing, we wait too long for the snowplows to arrive, garbage collects in our parks and ravines.

It’s basic stuff but it’s what a great community and a great city are built on. We need equitable access to city services across all of Toronto. And at a time when it feels like everything is stagnating, I will stand and fight for York South-Weston.

Clean our city

  • More frequent street and sidewalk cleaning
  • Trimming overgrown weeds and bushes that block sidewalks
  • Additional public trash bins, that are emptied more often
  • Fund and expand ravine cleanups along the Humber River
  • Faster responses to downed trees and storm cleanup

Fix our roads

  • Repairing potholes and cracks in the sidewalk
  • Coordinating road work with other construction projects, to reduce impact to traffic
  • More reliable and equitable snow removal on roads and sidewalks

Maintain our parks

  • Keep our parks clean
  • Ensure playgrounds are well-maintained so they are safe and enjoyable for all kids
  • Expand shade, seating, washrooms and water fountains in public parks
  • More dog parks, with safe surfaces and separate entrances for small dogs


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Will you vote to fix our city?

Address: 2575 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6M 1T3