Building Real Affordable Housing

The cost of renting or buying a home keeps going up, while corporate landlords and big developers make huge profits. We need to limit their power and take the profit out of housing. 

Our families and kids deserve a place they can call home.

Protecting tenants

  • Advocate for a five-year rent freeze
  • Expanding full rent control in all rental units
  • Implement a vacancy tax to prevent units from sitting empty
  • Using a colour-coded RentSafe system to identify bad landlords
  • Implement and enforce penalties for landlords that don’t keep up with repairs/maintenance
  • Hire a dedicated TENANT ORGANIZER in the office to address urgent tenant needs

Building strong communities

  • Stronger community benefit agreements, to ensure our infrastructure and amenities keep pace.
  • Mandate that all new housing projects include affordable housing (inclusionary zoning)
  • Stop giving away our public land to private for-profit developers – use it only for affordable housing. Give non-profit and co-op housing providers the right of first refusal on properties sold in the city.
  • Fix and fund Toronto Community Housing
  • Ensure affordable housing is built to accessible standards


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Will you vote for real affordable housing?

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