What We've Done So Far

Fighting for the Issues That Matter to York South-Weston 

We've been hard at work, knocking on doors since May 1st. Since then, our movement has accomplished a lot. Here's a rundown of what we've been able to do, together, in a few months: 

- Refused to accept donations from corporate interests, including developers, because the only people that I want to be accountable to, are the people of York South-Weston

- Hosted two tenant rights workshops

- Helped form two tenants' associations

- Collected thousands of petition signatures to stop the sale of 200 Rockcliffe Court 

- Helped hundreds low-income seniors access the City of Toronto's water and property tax relief programs

- Ensured that an ATM stay located at the Weston Road and Little Avenue TD Bank until a more long-term solution is achieved

- Stopped the eviction of three small business owners in Weston

- Hosted an emergency community meeting to deal with flooding in Rockcliffe-Smythe

- Had the "blue castle" model home on Weston Road at Jane Street be torn down by collecting petition signatures

- After months of advocacy, pressured Councillor Nunziata to vote against giving developers millions of dollars in tax breaks 

Have any questions about the work we've done? Send me an email at chiara@chiarapadovani.ca.