We Need Rent Control Now

We, the undersigned, call on Premier Doug Ford and York South-Weston City Councillor Nunziata to bring back rent control to our community and to this province.

Last week, residents of 22 John Street in Weston received notices of rent increases as high as 25% after Premier Doug Ford eliminated rent control on new buildings.

The landlord, Rockport Group, received millions in public funds and land to build 22 John, only to turn around and raise the rents at an outrageously unfair rate.

We fear that this outrageous display of corporate greed experienced by 22 John Street tenants is only the beginning of a series of negative consequences to follow for tenants no longer protected by rent control.

This year, Councillor Nunziata voted against rent control in buildings whose landlords receive public funds and land for development. The proposed rent increase as high as 25% at 22 John Street happened on Councillor Nunziata's watch – and her voting record proves it. 

Life is expensive. Rents across York South-Weston, and this city, are sky-rocketing. But tenants are standing up and demanding a new deal for tenants and calling on our elected officials to act. 

We, the undersigned, urge that: 

1) Councillor Nunziata and the rest of City Council support rent control and vote in favour of ensuring that no developers receiving City of Toronto funds for affordable housing can unfairly raise rents above the guideline. 

2) Premier Doug Ford return rent control to Ontario and end the gouging. 


Tell Doug Ford and Councillor Nunziata to bring back rent control!

Will you sign?

414 signatures
414 signatures