Newsletter - January 2021

Dear Neighbour,

Let's face it: so far 2021 is a lot like last year, eh?

But when I think of the year ahead I'm hopeful. Despite all the challenges we faced last year, we proved to be a resilient community that helped each other when we needed it most. 

In 2020, we were able to prevent hundreds of our neighbours from getting evicted from their homes, rapidly organize a food security response to COVID-19 and secure important funding for flooding relief

Change comes when people just like you and me demand change. That's why I'm still fighting to keep people housed and for paid sick days for all. What will you fight for in 2021? Let's not just make it through COVID-19 this year, let's come out of this pandemic better than we ever were. 

In solidarity,

Chiara Padovani



More COVID-19 Testing Locations in York South-Weston

You probably know you can get tested at the Humber River Hospital on Church Street, but did you know you can get tested at the following locations as well? Hours vary by location, so please call ahead to book your appointment.

Jane Street Hub (1541 Jane Street)

Call 416-645-7575, extension 3113 to book an appointment.

Access Point on Jane (761 Jane Street)

Call 416-760-8677 to book an appointment. 

York Recreation Centre (115 Black Creek Drive)

Call 416-653-5400 extension 3121 to book an appointment.


Black Futures on Eglinton Report Released

As the LRT construction and COVID-19 pandemic continue, Black-owned businesses on Eglinton West continue to be taking a huge hit. The report, Black Futures on Eglinton, outlines some recommendations for protecting Little Jamaica. You can read the report here and check out the CityNews story here.  

Walk & Cycle York South- Weston Looking for Members 

Walk and Cycle York South-Weston is a resident group looking to address transportation and safety inequities in our neighbourhood. Currently, they are advocating for bike lane extensions and low-income passes for BikeShare. If you are interested in joining the group or curious to learn more contact [email protected]


Basement Flooding Meeting

Join your neighbours for the first strategic planning meeting of the York South-Weston Coalition for Flooding Prevention. The meeting will provide important updates and plan priority actions for the neighbourhood. 


Housing Waitlist Consultation 

Are you currently on the waitlist for social housing? The City of Toronto is completing a study on how to meet housing needs of people on the housing waitlist. They're looking for people to participate in confidential interviews and are offering honorariums for those who participate. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in participating.


Volunteer to Sort Food for North York Harvest Food Bank

Thank you to everyone who participated in food drives over the holidays! Did you know that before donated food can be distributed at food banks across northern Toronto, it needs to be screened and sorted? North York Harvest Food Bank is looking for volunteers to do just that at Amesbury Arena. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer food sorter, please contact [email protected] 


Tenant Workshop: Behind on Rent?

COVID-19 has left a lot of us behind on rent. Join the York South-Weston Tenant Union in this free online training with Downtown Legal Services to learn what you need to know about evictions, arrears and payment plans. You'll also learn about how the YSW Tenant Union has successfully prevented evictions through tenant organizing.

Got COVID-19? Need Help? 

If you have COVID-19 and need support during your quarantine, contact Unison Health and Community Services at 416-787-1661 ext 3300. They can connect you with a wide range of supports to help you get through quarantine.

This Winter Prevent your Pipes from Freezing 

Keep your pipes warm, by allowing warm air to circulate around them and insulating pipes with foam pipe covers. Check out more tips to prevent pipes from freezing here.


January 19: 15 and Fairness Organizing Meeting
January 19: West Park Healthcare Centre Community Benefits Information Session
January 22: COVID-19 Public Health Workshop
January 27: Behind on Rent? YSW Tenant Union Workshop 
January 28: Basement Flooding: YSW Flooding Prevention Coalition Meeting
February 28: YSW Tenant Summit 2021

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