Newsletter - June 2019

Welcome to my York South-Weston Community Newsletter! I've always been so proud to call York South-Weston my home and I've created this monthly newsletter to help us stay informed, connected and empowered to take action to continue to improve the community we all call home.  If there's anything you'd like to add or contribute to this newsletter, please let me know!




York South-Weston Tenant Consultation

Dozens of tenants from across York South-Weston came together to provide input for the City of Toronto’s new 2020-2030 Housing Plan. There's no question that rents in YSW are going up faster than we can keep up, but as a tenant myself, it was so inspiring to see so many community members come together to discuss solutions to the housing crisis. As a result of this meeting, together we will form a tenant coalition open to all tenants living in YSW this summer. Contact us if you’d like to get involved!


ChemTRAC and York South-Weston

Last month I attended a meeting about noxious smells in Rockcliffe-Smythe. I’m happy to report that the Councillor’s office has taken me up on some of my suggestions about ChemTRAC, a program that tracks commercial pollutants and helps businesses reduce their emissions of harmful chemicals. I’ll follow up about what this means for YSW once the reporting deadline closes, but in the meantime you can learn more about the ChemTRAC program here.


Bill 108 Threatens Parkland and Community Benefits

Recent changes to the planning act known as Bill 108 will put York-South Weston’s ability to benefit from new development at risk. The changes proposed by the Conservative government dramatically reduce parkland (Section 42), community benefits (Section 37) and infrastructure (development charges) allocations that developers were previously obligated to provide. Stay tuned for more information about what this will mean for active development proposals in YSW, and how you can get involved in the planning process.


Affordable Child Care Petition

For Mother’s Day we asked the Premier to reverse his harmful cuts to child care, and it worked! The Conservative government recently announced that they will reverse their cuts to child care and public health for this year, and that was only possible thanks to pressure from residents like you. However, because future cuts are still planned, I've kept my petition up to ensure that the City and the Province put affordable childcare in the budget next year. Sign the petition here.





Stop the Cuts: School Walk-Ins this Thursday June 6

Premier Ford and the Conservative Government have announced massive cuts to public education that will increase class sizes, cut 1000s of education workers and cancel classes, programs and resources for our children and youth. This Thursday about 30 minutes before classes start, school community members will gather outside the following YSW schools to demand an end to the attacks on public education and call for reinvestment in our schools, children, and communities:

CR Marchant Middle School

George Syme Community School

George Harvey C.I.

Lambton Park Community School

Weston Memorial Junior Public School


Join West-End Parents for Public Education

West-End Parents for Public Education is looking for more members from York South-Weston. If you’re a parent who supports public education and would like to get involved contact them at [email protected] or follow their Facebook page here.




June 6: School Walk-Ins

June 6: Weston Memorial JPS Fun Fair

June 8: The Queens Drive Garage sale

June 9: Bee the Change!

June 9: Water is Life

June 10: MDNC's Eco-Neighbourhood Town Hall at 6:30 in the Mount Dennis Library

June 11: Movie Night with Yafet Tewelde and Mike Sullivan

June 15: Official Opening Day of the Weston Farmers' Market at 9am-noon

June 20: Toronto Community Benefits Network AGM

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