Newsletter - July 2019

Summer is here! There's a lot going on in York South-Weston this month, and as you're enjoying the weather remember to stay cool with these tips from the City.



Bill 108 Reduces Parkland and Community Benefits

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Unfortunately Bill 108 just passed, which dramatically reduces parkland (Section 42), community benefits (Section 37) and public infrastructure (development charges) allocations that developers were previously obligated to provide to the communities they profit from. In this video I explain what that means for York South-Weston and what we can do it about it. Please share the post to help spread the word!


New Study on Flooding in Rockcliffe-Smythe

A new study coming from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is showing that the Black Creek and Lavender Creek were sources of flooding in 2018. One of the new proposed solutions to mediate flooding originating from Lavender Creek would be to allow the Creek to continue to go straight along the North side of Terry Drive, but the land will be difficult for the City to acquire, especially now after our Councillor supported the sale of 200 Rockcliffe Court, identified as a crucial component to implementing long-term solutions for flooding mediation in Rockcliffe-Smythe


Vision Zero 2.0: Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

The City plans to update their Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Plan, but York South-Weston still has a long way to go to meet some of the most basic recommendations from the previous plan. City staff are recommending all local residential roads now 40 km/h drop to 30 km/h, but this is only possible if local councillors on the community council agree. Councillors in the old city of Toronto and East York have already made that change, but Etobicoke and York Community Council has yet to make the change. Share or retweet this post if you agree speed limits should be reduced and enforced to prevent cyclist and pedestrian deaths. 





Stand Up for Parkland and Community Benefits

The Dunpar Homes development proposal at 2650-2672 St. Clair Avenue West in Rockcliffe-Smythe would have been required to provide community benefits (Section 37) and parkland (Section 42), but Bill 108 dramatically reduces their obligation to do so. Sign this petition to call on Dunpar Homes to set an example for socially and environmentally responsible development in York South-Weston. 


Show Your Support for Inclusionary Zoning

Inclusionary Zoning is a policy that helps create mixed-income housing by requiring a certain percentage of affordable housing units in new residential developments. In other cities, inclusionary zoning has already helped increase the supply of affordable housing units and strengthen diverse communities. As new developments come to York South-Weston, we need a bold inclusionary zoning policy to help keep our community affordable as the cost of housing continues to increase. The City of Toronto has opened public consultations on inclusionary zoning, and you can show your support by completing this survey.




July 5: Mount Dennis BIA's Coffee Culture with DJ Cozmic Cat
July 6: Party by the Pond with the Mount Dennis Community Association
July 7: Jazz N' Beers
July 9: 9th Annual Community Sports and Fun Day at Silverthorn Community School (300 Kane Avenue) 11AM-7PM
July 11: Movie in the Park at 9PM: How to Train Your Dragon at Maple Leaf Park (320 Culford Road)
July 13: Urban Arts' Beats.Mind.Movement Showcase
July 16-21: Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare In Action
July 20: Weston BIA's Buskerfest
July 23-28: Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare In Action
July 25: Movie in the Park at 9PM: Big Hero 6 at Maple Leaf Park (320 Culford Road)
July 25: Mount Dennis BIA's Coffee Culture With Leah Lane
July 27: Dead Tree Walk in Lambton Forest
August 3: The Heart of the Park 12pm at Rustic (35 Raven Road) and 7pm at Memorial Park (22 Little Avenue)

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