Community Meeting on Flooding

After another devastating flood in Rockcliffe-Smythe, I hosted a community meeting to discuss what we as a community could to do to reduce the impacts of severe flooding. 

Political will is needed to fix flooding in York South-Weston – we just haven't seen that leadership here yet. On Tuesday, August 14th, I hosted an emergency community meeting at my office about possible next steps we as a community could take to reduce flooding in Rockcliffe-Smythe. Here are the action items we came up with:

1. Report flooding

It's important the City understands the extent of the flooding problem in our neighbourhood. The database depends on the number of basement floods that are reported. 
  • Report your own basement flood to 311: call 311 or email with your name, contact information, exact address, and a brief description of the flooding that occurred (where the water came from).
  • Sign up to volunteer to help report flooding: we recognize that language and technological barriers may prevent people from reporting, which is why we need volunteers to sign up and help us canvass our neighbours to report flooding. 
2. Prevent flooding in your basement
The City of Toronto has a Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program. This program will help cover the cost of installing things like a backwater valve and sump pump to a maximum subsidy of $3400 per household. Let me know if you need help filling out the application or have any questions. 
3. Access to Hot Water
There are still many people in the neighbourhood who don't have access to hot water. Some neighbours have generously offered their homes for people to use. I'm waiting to hear back about the possibility of using the showers in Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School for people who need them. The York Recreation Centre is also open every day and has showers.
4. Lend a helping a hand
We will be in contact with people in the community who may need extra help dealing with the flood. Sign up to help your neighbours here. 

5. Get informed
We don't need experts to tell us that we have a flooding problem in our neighbourhood, but there have already been many studies done and the solutions have already been identified. They just haven't been implemented. There have been environmental assessments done for the neighbourhoods of Rockcliffe-Smythe and Weston. The Toronto Conservation Authority made specific recommendations for long term solutions in a 2014 report. Among them, fixing the Jane Street Crossing of the Humber River and flooding mitigation along Rockcliffe Court. Unfortunately, fixing the Jane Street Crossing costs more than what the City is willing to spend and 200 Rockcliffe Court - the land needed to implement flooding mitigation along the Black Creek Canal - was just sold for development. We deserve better than this.
6.Take Action
Sign and share the petition to construct the Jane Street Bridge by the end of Summer 2019:


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