Stand Up for Parklands & Community Benefits

New development proposals in York South-Weston can be exciting opportunities for our community to grow while helping to meet the need for local jobs, affordable housing, public parks and childcare, among other community benefits. 

The Dunpar Homes development proposal at 2650-2672 St. Clair Avenue West in Rockcliffe-Smythe would have been required to provide community benefits (Section 37) and parkland (Section 42) under the Planning Act, but Doug Ford's Bill 108 dramatically reduces their obligation to do so.

Even though provincial legislation will no longer require Dunpar Homes to fulfill Section 37 and Section 42, we call on Dunpar Homes to set an example for socially and environmentally responsible development by

1. Meaningfully consult and work with the residents of Rockcliffe-Smythe on how the development can create community benefits (e.g. affordability, local hiring, community space, etc.) and parklands (e.g. green space, playgrounds, etc.).

2. Adjust the proposal to take into account local environmental concerns including flooding, green energy and/or public parks.

3. Adjust the proposal to incorporate local community concerns including local jobs, affordability and/or childcare spaces.

4. Create a binding local community benefits agreement that includes these benefits and is publicly available.

Will you sign?

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