Ward 11 is at a crossroads.
Exciting development opportunities are on the horizon. The key is for our neighbourhoods to leverage these opportunities to secure community benefits, like more local jobs, childcare spaces and street improvements. To do that, we need a city councillor who works in partnership with us and always keeps the community’s interests front and centre.

It is natural to wonder who politicians are accountable to when they depend on developers and corporate interests to fund their election campaigns. That is why I am refusing to accept these kinds of donations. I've already turned them away. I call upon my opponent to do the same. My competition, the current City Councillor Frances Nunziata, will almost certainly be accepting donations from developers and corporate interests. She has done it before.

My decision to refuse these donations is an important and critical break with the past. Ward 11 residents deserve a city councillor who they can count on to always have only their best interests at heart and fights for them at city hall without any reservations. It’s Time for Change.